Searey LSX_Ray Brown
Searey LSX_Ray Brown

The Searey LSX designed in 2008, evolved from the original Searey designed in 1992.  Owners of the original Searey affectionately call earlier Searey’s the ‘Classic’.

Construction of the Searey airframe starts with bolt together aluminum parts, much like erector sets we had in our younger years.  All aluminum is 6061-T6 and is anodized for corrosion protection.  If you plan to fly in salt water, we recommend applying boiled linseed oil inside the tubing prior to assembly.

Fiberglass components are pre-molded and finished in white gelcoat.  Some fiberglass components will need to have holes cut on assembly where certain airframe parts or controls protrude through the fiberglass.

PolyFiber is the fabric process used in covering the surfaces.  All fabric and chemicals are included in the kit up to and excluding the final paint colors.  Some builders have elected to install alternative engines with very limited success, however the factory supports the Rotax 912ULS (100 hp) or the Rotax 914UL Turbo (115 hp) engines.

To build your Searey, you will need at least a single car garage or better, a hangar.  Basic wrenches and hand tools are required:

  • Open  end wrenches: 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, and 9/16″
  • Sockets: 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, and 9/16″
  • Various files, drill bits, corded or cordless drill, pop rivet gun.
  • Air tools can be handy, especially a hydraulic rivet gun for the stainless steel rivets.

Average build times for the LSX are around 1000 hrs, depending on your choice of fit and finish.  A few additional options available (but not limited too) for the LSX include:

  • Rotax 912ULS or Rotax 914UL
  • Engine Mounting Kit
  • Electric Flaps
  • Carbon Hull
  • Interior Kit
Searey LSX Bulkhead
Searey LSX Bulkhead
Polyfiber Fabric Covering
Polyfiber Fabric Covering
Opening the Rotax Engine Crate
Opening the Rotax Engine Crate

To secure a production slot, a 50% deposit is required.  Approximately 10 days prior to shipment we will request the payment balance.  If the kit is being shipped via commercial freight carrier, a crate charge will be added to the order and freight charges will be due prior to shipment.  If you are outside of FL (and the kit is shipped via commercial freight carrier) then sales tax will not apply.

Should you intend to pick up your kit at the factory, 7% FL State sales tax will be required to be paid.  Depending on your method of transporation, a crate may or may not be needed.

Searey Performance Specs

LSX (Kit) & Adventure (SLSA) w/ Rotax 912ULSLSX (Kit) & Elite (SLSA) w/ Rotax 914ULS Turbo
Max Cruise (mph)95113
Cruise Speed @ 75% Pwr9098
Stall Speed, Flaps Dn (Mph)3838
Stall Speed, Flaps Up (mph)4747
Rate of Climb, Sea Level (fpm)6501100
Takeoff Ground Roll (ft)350268
Takeoff Water Run (ft)472350
Takeoff Over 50′ Obstacle, Land (ft)14001100
Takeoff Over 50' Obstacle-Water (ft)15251250
Landing Roll-Land (ft)325325
Landing Run-Water (ft)350350
Glide Ratio-Engine Off8:18:1
Service Ceiling (ft)13,00018000
Fuel Capacity (gal)2323
Fuel Range-30 min Reserve @ 75% Power (miles) 363379
Fuel Flow (gph)5.35.5

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