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Remember when you first started flying?  Flying was fun and exciting!  As a pilot progresses through their flying career they gain more hours, more ratings, and fly heavier and more capable aircraft without realizing that flying doesn’t hold the appeal it once did.  Looking for something different, a pilot tends to look toward a seaplane rating as a way to regain that experience of flying for fun.

Lakes, cottages, weekend getaways, camping, or just flying to lunch the Searey offers that experience at a low operating cost.  The Searey is available in kit form, or for those that want a fly away aircraft, offered as a factory built fly-away aircraft. 

Among SeaRey owners, I’m known as ‘The SeaRey Specialist‘.  In business since 1997 Recreational Mobility has offered the Searey line of aircraft since the year 2000 and is the only full time, full service SeaRey distributor in the U.S.  

We provide a multitude of SeaRey related services from new kit sales, aircraft brokering, upgrades, part sales, condition inspections, pre-purchase inspections, painting, covering, and electrical wiring.

Searey LSX (Kit)
$69,000.00 USD

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Searey Adventure (SLSA)
$166,000.00 USD

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Searey Elite (SLSA)
$199,000 USD

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