These Searey’s have been painted in our facility using Sherwin Williams Acry-Glo paint.  All paints are available in standard finish or hand sanded (wet) and buffed to a high gloss.  Below is a small collection of of paint schemes completed in our shop throughout the years.

If you would like to discuss paint work, we ask that:

  • You first decide on what Sherwin William’s Acry-Glo colors you will be using for the base color along with any trim colors
  • Decide on a paint scheme

In order to estimate any paint work I will need too supply paint color codes, color name, and quantity needed to the paint shop.  Color charts may be ordered from various distributors across the USA.  Of course if your visiting, you may look through the color charts.

We only shoot Sherwin Williams Acry-Glo on experimental aircraft, and in the case of the certified Searey we must use Imron.  We do not spray any other brand of paint, and the reason is simple:  Every brand of paint has a learning curve.  How long to mix it, how long to induct it, pot life, time between coats, etc.  Once you learn how to work with a specific brand, its best to stick with it.

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