Mega Hatch MKII, w/ Factory Hatch


Mega Hatch MKII, w/ Factory Hatch


The standard Searey Fiberglass Nose Deck (as manufactured by Progressive Aerodyne) is equipped with a small hatch for accessing the aircraft’s battery.

In 2007 Recreational Mobility stepped up and answered the clients pleas for a larger hatch, with our famous ‘Mega Hatch’.  Ever evolving, in 2013 The Searey Specialist re-designed and introduced the ‘Mega Hatch MKII’, which some clients have dubbed ‘The Love Hatch’.  Larger then the original ‘Mega Hatch’ with more access to the electronics ‘under the hood’, and with even easier installation.  The ‘Mega Hatch MKII’ is available with the stock internal hatch (shown here) or without the internal hatch.

The installer of a ‘Mega Hatch MKII’ will need a basic knowledge of fiberglass lamination to strengthen the underside of the factory supplied nose deck.  Polyester resin (for standard fiberglass hulls) or Epoxy (for Carbon Hulls) will be need to be obtained locally, of which approximately 40 ounces are required.  Total installation time is only 5 hrs on average, and the total weight gain is 5 Lbs including all hardware.

  • Price includes a packing charge of $15.00
  • Shipping costs cannot be accurately calculated by the shopping cart.
  • Box size is 36″ x 42″ x 6″ and shipping weight is approximately 16 lbs from zip code 32950

For a brief video tour of the Mega Hatch MKII, click the You Tube video below:


Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 36 × 6 in