ACI Power Buss 2075B


ACI Power Buss 2075B

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ACI Power Buss 2075B

The SeaRey Power Buss is an electronic device that provides 12 volt DC overload monitoring and protection for 18 electrical circuits.  The Power Buss also monitors (high amperage) generator supply and landing gear actuator circuits. 

Protection is provided by 18 solid-state PTC (“Positive Temperature Coefficient”) current limiters (trade name POLYSWITCH®) that, like circuit breakers and fuses, automatically remove power when a circuit becomes overloaded.  Just as mechanical circuit breakers can be reset, the PTC can be reset, but only if power to the PTC or the load (or service) supplied by the PTC is manually shut off for approximately 15 seconds.

Monitoring is provided by a red warning light (that also includes the function of a momentary push switch) and an electronic voice annunciator system that provides an audio identification of the tripped circuit through the pilot’s headset and onboard speaker.

The SeaRey Power Buss includes a protected avionics buss that automatically removes power from sensitive avionics systems during engine start.  Although there is provision for an avionics master switch, the integral power-down function reduces this requirement.