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If your in the market for a used SeaRey, you’ve come to the right place:  The SeaRey Specialist doesn’t offer just any SeaRey that comes up for sale – we only offer quality SeaRey’s:

  • SeaRey’s that we oversaw the construction of during the build of the aircraft
  • SeaRey’s that have previously come through our shop for maintenance
  • SeaRey’s that we have personally flown
  • SeaRey’s that we know the history of
  • Each SeaRey receives an extensive inspection before being offered

Its unfortunate that in the Experimental Aircraft world, many things happen that are ‘swept under the rug’ and are never reported (or recorded) in the aircraft logs.  Here is a brief example:

Several years ago while at Oshkosh a client walked into the booth and handed me a flyer, asking me to help sell his aircraft.  As he talked about the aircraft I reviewed the flyer, and an immediate red flag went off.  The flyer was advertising a 1997 SeaRey, further review indicated the aircraft had been recovered in 2002.  I asked why the aircraft had been recovered, however the owner kept dodging the question until fewer people were around.  His reply: “He had landed the aircraft gear down in the water, and had to cut the fabric to get the water out of the wings.”  I already knew that before he said anything, but when I asked if this was noted in the logbooks, he replied “no”.  I then asked if he intended to tell the buyer, and his reply was again, “no”.

Who would you rather work with?  A broker that lists many types of aircraft?  A broker that specializes in a specific model, and works with them (and on them) every day?  

If your in the market for a Used SeaRey (or selling your SeaRey), consider the brokering services of The Searey Specialist and Contact Us today!

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