For years I’ve recognized that one of the more daunting tasks for a builder is wiring their SeaRey, and wiring it properly.  In 2003, The SeaRey Specialist was the first to offer a commercial solution for builders, manufacturing a harness that covered every option available at that time from Progressive Aerodyne.

SeaRey Specialist Relay Control PCB
SeaRey Specialist Relay Control PCB Installed

The system shown above has circuits to control the Hydraulic Gear, Flaps, and Trim.  We manufactured and shipped these systems between 2003 and into early 2006.

Progressive Aerodyne then moved from Hydraulic Gear to Electric Gear in 2006, requiring a redesign in our Relay Control Modules.  That system (should you have one) is identified by white colored rectangular plugs.  That system was produced through 2008.  Production ceased with the increase in glass cockpit systems going into experimental aircraft.

Though I no longer produce an electrical harness for the entire aircraft (that can be shipped for client installation) I do wire aircraft in-house.  I also produce a few sub harnesses for specific portions of the airframe.

Searey Client Wiring Example
Searey Specialist In-House Wiring

Now the photo above left is an extreme example, I was brought in to clean up this clients wiring on a built and flyable aircraft.  Unfortunately there is only so much that can be done unless you start over.  The wiring on the right is utilizing one my wiring harnesses and wired in-house.

SeaRey Wiring Jig
Dynon Wiring w/ Mega Hatch Access

Wiring harnesses are assembled on a jig, then installed into the airframe.   Due to component layouts varying between installations, the ends of the harnesses are hand wired.  On the right is a typical full Dynon installation, utilizing our MegaHatch access.

Harness Labeling is standard on all my harness builds. Each harness contains roughly 80' and costs $450.00

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