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The SeaRey Specialist Headstart Program

Head Start Program

Realizing that many SeaRey builders would like to get in the air as soon as possible, we have developed our 'SeaRey Head Start Program'.  A builder schedules to come to our facility and completes the major assemblies alongside our knowledgeable staff.  Three different stages of construction are available.  Fees include rental of our space, tools, and knowledge.

Stage 1: Assembly Of Flying Surfaces

SeaRey LSX Wings Under Construction

Assembly of all Flying Surfaces, to include:

  • Pickup of your SeaRey LSX kit at the Progressive Aerodyne factory.
  • Wings - Spars, Compression Struts, Drag / Anti-Drag wires in place, Wing Ribs installed, Wingtip, & Leading Edge Cuff Installed
  • Flaps
  • Ailerons
  • Stabilizers
  • Elevators
  • Rudder
  • Vertical Fin

All surfaces will be ready for fabric.

Stage 1 Pricing

Stage 2: Covering Of Flying Surfaces
SeaRey Flying Surfaces With PolyFiber Fabric

Covering of Flying Surfaces, to include:

  • Everything included in Stage 1 above, plus:
  • All flying surfaces noted above are covered in the PolyFiber process
  • All Pinking Tapes applied
  • 1st brush coat of Polybrush applied

The builder will have to apply the remaining PolyBrush / PolySpray coats prior to final paint application.

Stage 1 & 2 Pricing

Stage 3: Assembly of Fuselage
Assembly of SeaRey Fuselage

Assembly of Fuselage, to include:


  • Everything included in Stage 1 & Stage 2 above, plus:
  • Aluminum fuselage frame is assembled
  • Airframe mounted into the hull
  • Retraction system tested with microswitches installed
  • Nose deck fit and temporarily attached
  • Turtledeck fit and installed

The builder will have to install the Windshield, Canopies, Electrical, and Engine Installation. To allow Electrical & Fuel Lines to be run, only one side of the pylon side covers will be attached.

At the completion of the contracted Stage requested, the owner will be responsible for transporting the aircraft to home base for completion within 10 days, or a nominal storage fee will apply.

Stage 1, 2 & 3 Pricing