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BRS 1350 VLS for Searey Classic / LSX

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BRS 1350 VLS for Searey Classic / LSX.

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BRS 1350 VLS

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Though there has never been a structural failure of a Searey (Classic or LSX), several of our customers have opted to have a BRS Parachute installed.  A BRS Parachute is not intended to save your aircraft, its intent is to save the pilot & passenger. There will be damage to the aircraft upon impact, however the most important thing is that you are alive. Property can always be replaced! Installation of BRS will reduce your useful load by 32-34 lbs.

I'm sure your next question is:  If there has never been a structural failure, why would I want a parachute? There are several instances where a BRS Parachute is certainly worth the cost:

Structural failure - hasn't happened in a Searey, however doesn't mean a pilot can't push the aircraft beyond its design envelope.

Mid Air- Certainly rare, however does happen.

Medical issue - Statistically a client whom can afford a private aircraft has raised a family and is closer to retirement age. That also means that age brings on more medical issues. Many times an onboard passenger is not qualified to fly the aircraft they are riding in, yet can be taught very quickly to "Shut off the engine and Pull the Red Handle".

Loss of Engine Power - Though we are always taught during primary training to always have a landing spot available, sometimes that just isn't possible. The ONLY deployment of a BRS Parachute in a Searey has been loss of engine power while over flying a forest. The pilot was able to glide the aircraft as close to a road as possible before  deploying the chute. The parachute / wings caught in the trees saving the aircraft from falling to the ground. Cause of the engine stoppage? A clogged fuel tank vent line....

The Searey Specialist can supply the correct BRS Parachute System with appropriate mounting hardware. We can also supply a custom made aluminum radiator made specific to our specs. The Rotax radiator sold by Rotax and provided by Progressive Aerodyne (for use with the BRS option) is barely adequate for cooling the Rotax 912ULS, and is NOT adequate for cooling for Rotax 914 Turbo. With our radiator, we have not seen higher then 180 degrees F.

See pricing below for ordering the BRS Parachute, radiator, & radiator mounting hardware. Due to different types of heater installations, the installer will have to supply any needed radiator hose, clamps, or fittings.

Installation of the BRS Parachute is available in our facility. Shipping cost of a BRS Parachute within the U.S. is a $150.00 flat fee. ALL orders for BRS Parachutes must be prepaid 100%, and lead times vary from an average of 1-2 months delivery from BRS.

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