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Customer Tetimonials

  • I'm having some difficulty with the left gear indicator switch.  Dan was going to try it, but finally he said, "Jim's work is so beautiful, look at how neat these wires are!"

    Do you know how often your reputation is sung?  Everywhere!

    Richard Bach
  • Richard Bach
    Jim Ratte did an amazing job, getting Puff back in the air, she's like new.  
    Puff was wildly cute when we arrived on Thursday, she had her cockpit cover (which Steve had been donated for her) embroidered Puff and SeaRey in crimson letters!
    Very, Very classy!!!
    Richard Bach
  • "Thank you, and thank Juan, so very much, for the amazing healing you're doing.  So much more to tell you.  Do you know how important your talents and abilities are in this world?  I don't think you do.  I wouldn't have known it fifteen months ago.  I do now."

    Richard Bach
  • "I have seen Jims work in numerous SeaReys, and I have always been extremely impressed. Great workmanship and building skills! Highly recommended!"

    (Originally submitted on previous website on 11/4/2010)

    Daniel Myers
  • Terry Eliason

    I have had a lot of positive comments about the plane. Comments like, "Jim really does a nice job" or. "I wish I would have done that to my airplane"----all the little extras.....Thanks again for the great job.

    Terry Eliason
  • You saved my day today! Landed in Key Largo at sunset THANK YOU!

    Submitted through our company facebook page ( on 12/10/2013

    Tanille Elaine DeLair
  • I will be moving forward with selling my aircraft and getting a Sea Rey.  I've investigated some more options but wanted to talk with you about  the various options available.  Your reputation is so strong, that I think I'd be remiss if I didn't seek your input and advice.

    I would like to have an hour or two of your time (at your shop) to ask questions.  I'd be happy to pay your hourly rate to answer my questions.

    Tom Walsh
  • Lindsay Trittipoe

    Hope you had a good Christmas and New Years.

    I just wanted to circle back with you on my SeaRey.  After due consideration, I’m going to keep it.  You built too good a plane for me to sell it!

    Lindsay Trittipoe
  • Steve Kessinger

    N805PY is my first kit plane, and there is no way I would have been able to complete it without your help. You were honest about problems that I needed to fix, generous with your time and advice, and the electrical harness you built was equal to something from Boeing on the B777 I fly at work.

    Steve Kessinger
  • Bruce MacInnes

    Jim's attention to detail is Exceptional - Having been to Oshkosh & Sun-n-Fun numerous times, and seeing numerous Grand Champions, I was still Very Impressed with the latest Searey project that he brought to Sebring last week. Beyond that, Jim took time to give knowledgeable answers to my numerous questions. Thanks!!!

    Bruce MacInnes   MacInnes Motorsports
  • When you ask the best SeaRey pilots who is on their top mechanic list, and the same name keeps coming up, go to that guy. Meet Jim Ratte. Sometimes in life the very best at what they do are also the most caring and will go the extra mile in a pinch. After many weather delays in the middle of winter Jim personally drove a few thousand miles to pick up my plane and did all LSX upgrades and maintenance.

    Dr. Lee Jampolsky
  • Jim - The communications that you probably take for granted, are not common.  You are successfully keeping my faith exactly because you clarify and ask good questions.  It is a rare thing, and all the more rare in someone with technical skills.

    Ken Leonard
  • Art Saunders

    Great job!  Jim I felt it necessary to tell others about your unique skills and talents.  Jim is a true Searey expert, and has as much knowledge as the Searey factory (and probably more) about putting them together. 

    I bought an owner built kit which did not meet my, Jim's or Searey standards. Jim's initial review was thorough and complete.  Jim caught things I would never have thought of and made great recommendations to correct deficiencies and improve the plane.  
    I have complete confidence in Jim and his abilities.  He is fair and honest and does not hurry the process or cut corners.  Jim is worth the time and money to have your Searey done right, and I will feel 100% safe in a Jim Ratte built Searey.  It is evident we chose the right person for the work.  Well done and Thank you! Art
    Art Saunders
  • Jim

    It was a breath of fresh air meeting you yesterday, and what I didn’t tell you is that I am a specialist in communication skills.  It is a skill set drastically lacking in the aviation community for what reason I haven’t quite figured out yet.  

    You sir are an exception to that rule.  You took the time not to just hear what I was saying, but to actually listen to what I was saying - two vastly different things and that is a rarity even in the non aviation world.  I thoroughly  enjoyed my time with you and look forward to doing business with you.  In a business climate where the customer should be king and is often times treated as a non entity until "you show me the money", you stand out above all of the rest.  

    The time you took with me, your knowledge base, and not that you just answered my questions but the way you answered them were exemplary and I can understand now, why people want you as their Searey Guru.  Your reputation for fairness and the excellent workmanship that you do precedes you in the aviation world, but your communication skills are also excellent and need to be honored as well.  

    I have gone to factories and been ignored or given off to a secretary who knew less about the aircraft than I did.  My time yesterday with you restored my faith in aviation and its future.  It is the businessmen, such as yourself, that will ultimately keep general aviation alive and well, simply because they care about their customers and the products they sell.  In the Searey world you are the 'goto' guy and I look forward to having you help me build mine. 
    Bill Clayton
    Bill Clayton
  • Gunnar Winkler

    Thanks again for your excellent support, the way how you handled the two of us and explained every tiny bit.  And even more thanks for arranging the demo flights!

    Gunnar Winkler
  • Jim,

    It was a pleasure doing business with you because your willingness, good
    disposition, to buy a product from England, on time and it is a pleasure.
    thank you very much for everything.

    Dr.Eduardo AMAYA

    Roque Amaya
  • Scott Carkeet
    N148SR was a hit at the 2015 Sebring Aviation Expo, the yellow certainly drew in many to the booth.  I was able to ride back with Jim and his Searey check pilot Dan (retired Air Force and Delta Airline Captain) today.  I am happy to report that our Searey flys like a dream, exceeding all expectations!
    Scott Carkeet
  • Buck Bray

    Enjoyed working with you Jim!

    Buck Bray
  • Just had a great visit from Jim and his wife. While they were in New York performing a final construction inspection they emailed me and offered to come to Rome, NY to see my rebuilding effort of a damaged SEAREY. Great suggestions on the repair effort. I've been buying all the parts from Jim and his tutelage has been invaluable. He's always available for guidance.

  • Wow!  Now that’s what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE!!  I am only sorry that I found out about your service, AFTER purchasing the kit elsewhere...

    Derrick Aubuchon